- Freight Management Software

Manage freight forwarding business with Air Freight Software.

Air Freight Management is Freight Forwarding Software that developed for Small Freight Forwarder,
used for record and share Information among your staff. It can use on single computer that support many staff.

Manage daily Air Freight Operation Job.
You can manage daily Air Freight Operation Job, both Export and Import by record Job Detail Data,
Customs Clearance and all Charge (both Expense and Revenue).

So you can know Profit and Loss of job immediately, then print statement to accounting department
for issue invoice to customer.

Manage Rates and Quotations.
You can prepare Handling Cost and Tariff Rate for your salesperson, use for issue Quotation to customer.
Quotation include both Freight Charge by Airline for specific Airport and Local Handling Charge.

Create quotation for any customer or Specific Customer and can reference Quotation Number from Job
for use Selling Rate in that quotation.

Manage Air Waybill Stock.
Record Master Air Waybill number that received from Stock Owner and your own House Air Waybill number
for using in Export Air Job, and print on neutral Air Waybill Form if you want.

Manage User Right.
You can create group of user and specify level of using Right for that group, so user in that group can access
only data that you allow.

For accuracy of data, you can Approve Air Freight Operation Job when it is completed, so other user can't
change it anymore.

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